Learn how to create PATTERNS using Eco Printing RESIST techniques with iron blankets!!!

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The Eco Printing using Resist Techniques PDF Tutorial is a new release at out school and it’s designed as the next step after taking the eco printing course because it teaches you how to creatively make resist patterns combining iron blankets, leaves, flowers and resist elements.🌻🌻

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"Victoria’s instructions in the Eco Printing course are very well explained and set out.

The video format lets you see exactly what’s going on and the handy tips are invaluable! I found the information on mordanting for different types of fabric (protein or cellulose) really helpful.

But even more so than the instructions and videos, Victoria’s willingness to respond to questions has been a huge encouragement to me on my eco printing journey."

— Alison B.


Hi, I'm Victoria!

Hi, I am Victoria Martinez Azaro, AKA, La Creative Mama, natural dyer, eco printer, crafter, fashion sustainability educator, writer, illustrator and creative all around 🙂

I have been eco printing fabrics for over a decade using natural dyes, and I now want to share with you the joy of eco printing fabrics in a simple way.

I have helped over 7000 students, just like you, get started with natural dyes and eco printing!

Creating your own botanical prints is exciting but it also allows you to be resourceful and dye with plants, flowers and food leftovers that you already have around you!

You will be able to upcycle, recycle and transform any old piece of fabric or garment by simply printing them with different plant materials!

Let's discover the exciting world of eco printing together!


Do I need to know how to eco print with blankets?

Yes! This resource relies on you having gone through The Eco Printing Ultimate Course and knowing how to use blankets.

Will I get any future updates to this course? 

Absolutely! If there are any updates you will receive an email letting you know of the new updates.

Can I print the PDF handbooks in my home printer?

Absolutely! You can either use your home printer or take them to the print shop and have them printed in color.

How long do I have access to this course?

Lifetime access :)

Who is this resource for?

This resource is for anyone who wants to learn how to get a bit more creative and experimental with eco printing techniques in combination with resist techniques.

Please note that this resource relies on you having gone through The Eco Printing Ultimate Course and knowing how to use blankets.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the nature of the product (digital download) and in order to keep prices super low, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Get creative and have lots of fun with eco printing and resist techniques!!!! 🌻🌻