Introducing The Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course ...

Proven natural dyeing method for fabric and yarn by experienced natural dyer who reveals an easy way to create a diverse natural color palette using natural and eco friendly materials.

  • Easy to follow video tutorials
  • Printable process charts
  • Formula Calculator (to make the ratios and formulas super duper EASY!!!)
  • Best natural dyes which easy to access everywhere in the world!

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You are so creative and you want to create natural colors from leaves and flowers in an eco friendly and natural way 🌻

But why does it feel so complicated?

If you are like most of my students before they start working with me, then you probably feel FRUSTRATED AND A BIT CONFUSED... there seems to be so many different materials, factors and processes that sometimes you are tired before you even start...

Are you finding yourself...

  • Doing long messy processes that somehow don’t work as they should
  • Wondering which natural dyes are best to use and which mordants are safe to work with
  • Not knowing the amounts of dye and mordant needed to dye a specific amount of fiber
  • Asking yourself which fabrics or yarns will work with natural dyes
  • Getting confused about what natural dyeing techniques to use
  • Not knowing what steps are needed in natural dyeing and what steps are optional?

I can help you

Because I was you 🌻🌻

Hi, I am Victoria Martinez Azaro, AKA, La Creative Mama, natural dyer, eco printer, creative sewer and fashion sustainability educator 🙂.

I love teaching and passing on knowledge that I have accumulated over the years through trial and error... and let me tell you, there were a lot of errors😞

My natural dyeing practice started with lots of failed attempts and many “meh” not impressive results (lots of beige and browns that would wash away after the second wash).

I found myself trying to understand chemical reactions, fiber compositions, the difference between acid dyes and natural dyes, mordants… it was all too confusing for me.

I got frustrated many times after trying long processes only to get very pale and unsatisfying color results. This was me many years ago👇

The good news is that after so many failed attempts, I discovered a simple formula:

Specific dyes + specific process = BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT & LASTING COLOR

and that's how I developed...

La Creative Mama Natural Dyeing Method

This is my foolproof method – developed over 12 years- it works every time…

LA CREATIVE MAMA NATURAL DYEING METHOD is the quickest, most reliable and consistent way to get bright natural colors on fabric and yarn using natural dyes!


🌻The Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course🌺

The Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course is a 3 module online course that will teach you how to successfully dye fabric and yarn using natural dyes

You will learn

  • a simple natural dyeing method and process so that you can consistently dye fabric and yarn with natural dyes
  • a super duper quick way to work out amount of dyes and mordants needed to dye your fabrics and yarns
  • a great way to document your experiments so that you can repeat and replicate results time and time again
  • how to get creative with your own natural dyeing practice
  • how to set up at home (even if you don't have much space)
  • how to develop your own sustainable natural dyeing practice by re using and storing left over dyes and mordants
  • how to naturally dye in every season of the year

Start creating your own bright NATURAL PINKS, REDS, PURPLES AND YELLOWS that last and don't wash away!


See what past students are saying after learning this easy methodology👇👇

"I can't believe these colors I was able to create. After reading and watching the videos and resources I started dyeing with onion skins and eucalyptus and started creating the most amazing variety of yellows, coppers and golds. Now I am experimenting with logwood and dyeing my roving to use in wet felting! I am hooked! This course from La Creative Mama made it so easy to learn! "

— Ada

Let me show you what's waiting for you inside the Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course once you access the school platform...

3 modules filled with step by step video tutorials + printable process charts + Formula Calculator

Module #1 dedicated to setting yourself up for success and to give you the overall knowledge and tools you need to start your natural dyer's journey.

🌻Inside Module #1, you'll discover:

  • Our proven Natural Dyeing Methodology
  • How to use The Formula Calculator, a GAME CHANGER so that you never have to struggle with numbers and formulas!
  • La Creative Mama SIGNATURE Process Charts to make your natural dyeing practice even easier!!!

Module #2 is a fun and inspiring module, filled with 20 plus video tutorials dedicated to showing you how to prepare and dye wools, cottons and silks.

🌻Inside Module #2, you'll discover:

  • How to prepare different types of fibers for dyeing such as cotton, linen, wool yarn, wool roving and silk fabrics.
  • How to extract color from 10 different dyes to create reds, pinks, purples and yellows.
  • How to extend your color palette further by using color modifiers.
  • How to care for your fibers after they have been dyed.

Module #3 is a super fun module in which you will learn how to get creative by using natural dyeing techniques in fun and innovative ways.

🌻Inside Module #3, you'll discover:

  • How to dye multicolor fabrics
  • How to dye multicolor yarns
  • How to keep your left over dyes and mordants so that you can re use and maintain a more sustainable craft practice.

"I have learnt that natural dyeing is actually really easy and doesn't have to cost a lot of money! And La Creative Mama has all the ways to achieve it easily. Thanks Victoria for helping me achieve my goal of great results and a better understanding of which mordants to use"

— Shelly

Check out the variety of color you can create in only 6 hours (when you apply La Creative Mama Method). These are samples created during my live workshops 👇

Samples from a 6 hour workshop🌻

These are the samples that we created during a spring workshop and the brief was to upcycle old fabric and yarn.

We used:

  • Old woolen blankets, silks and cottons from old garments as well as thrift shop bought wool yarns.
  • Onion skins, Eucalyptus, cochineal as well as modifiers.

more samples from a 6 hour workshop🌻

These are the samples that we created during a winter workshop and the brief was to extract color from plants and food around us :)

We used:

  • New silk fabrics, silk and wool yarns
  • Eucalyptus, onion skins, avocados, cardoon and acorns.

and ...more samples from a 6 hour workshop🌻

These are the samples that we created during a Spring workshop in which we explored how to use natural color modifiers to extend the color palette.

We used:

  • New silk scarves and wool yarns
  • Cochineal, madder root and Eucalyptus

What if you could ...?

  • Transform and upcycle fabric and yarn easily and inexpensively
  • Make your own gifts using your unique hand dyed fabrics and yarns
  • Create your own natural color palette using natural and eco friendly materials
  • Use your naturally dyed yarn to crochet, knit, sew and embroider

👆Have fun creating your own natural color palette for fabric and yarn👇

Check out why you'll love The Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course👇👇

"The Natural Dyeing resources from La Creative Mama were just what I needed...."

"Since watching Victoria's video trainings, and then actually putting some of her experience to use, I've done some lovely small batches and feel that I can move on to even experiment more.  I highly recommend investing in this program!"

Jane J. USA

How much is the Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course? $$$

I am so passionate about teaching eco friendly crafts and I had the privilege to have helped

over 10 000 students get started in their natural dyeing journeys and now it's your turn!

It's my mission to spread the message of creating natural color in an easy and sustainable way and that's the reason why I create these easy to digest resources to educate, motivate and inspire my students to create using natural materials.
I retired from my job as a fashion sustainability lecturer for under graduate and post graduate studies in 2022 (after 2 decades), and I am very aware that a lot of times people aren't able to access good quality education and information due to money and lack of time.

To remedy this, I teach a few live group workshops every year in New Zealand, where I am based. They are fun, they are great and we get a lot done! However, we can only cover so much in 6 hours.

Also...after the workshops my students go home and I am not there to help them 😔.

That's why I created this course which is the full curriculum that I would teach in a full 4 day live workshop (That's a $600 workshop).

As I mentioned before, I am on a mission to spread the message of natural dyeing and crafting sustainably far and wide, so here at La Creative Mama we make a point of providing high value education at very affordable prices via our online school platform, plus we are also available via email to troubleshoot with you when you have doubts or questions about the processes that we teach😀😀.

To honor our mission we will be offering this amazing course for only $147 (a total steal)...

AMAZING!!!!! This makes me so happy to share all this juicy information with you and to offer this deal to my community!!!!

So... tell me, are you in?


also...when you get the course, you also get SOME EXTRA GOODIES to make your natural dyeing practice even easier!!!

When you purchase The Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course, you'll also get exclusive access to these AMAZING Bonuses!

AWESOME BONUS #1 ($47 Value)

Dyeing with food dyes: Learn how to dye various fibers by using onion skins, avocados and black tea.

This bonus section contains 3 video tutorials!

AWESOME BONUS #2 ($27 Value)

Solar dyeing: Learn an easy way to dye fabric and yarn using the sun as your heat source.

This bonus comes as a printable PDF guide!

AWESOME BONUS #3 ($37 Value)

Create your own Dye Garden and store your own dyes: Learn how easy it is to grow your own dye garden, harvest and store your dyes for future use so that you have access to natural dyes all year round!

This bonus is a video class!

"After learning from La Creative Mama method, I was confident to start naturally dyeing my yarn. Now I create all my natural colors for my knitting and crochet projects and I am even making little hats for my son' kittens."

— Ana


Will I learn how to dye different types of fabrics and yarns?

Yes! You will learn how to naturally dye wool, silk, cotton and linen. These are protein fibers and cellulose fibers.

Will I get any future updates to the Natural Dyeing Course? 

Absolutely! If there are any updates you will receive an email inviting you to visit the new updated version.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to dye fabric and yarn using natural dyes. It’s a beginners resource which means it was designed for people who have never used natural dyes before or people who have tried natural dyes before but didn’t get satisfying results.

Can I print the Process Charts and handouts PDFs in my home printer?

Absolutely! You can either use your home printer or take them to the print shop and have them printed in color.

This resource is a digital downloadable PDF which means that you can download it straight away and you can print it out for your reference when you are ready to start dyeing your fibers.

Is there a refund policy?

We don't offer refunds... but hear us out, this is why:

We are so confident that this course works as long as you work it. We have had such great results since 2021 with our online students going through this natural dyeing methodology that we have decided that in order to keep prices as low as possible and direct our resources to teaching rather than admin activities, we are not offering refunds.

We want to attract committed and creative students that want to apply the steps and processes we teach in the course and we want our students to use this course as a reference in their natural dyeing practice for years to come. This is a live course (you'll get all the updates for free) and we are constantly monitoring the success of our teachings and we offer ongoing email support as well.

What happens after I click on the buy button on this page?

  • You will be taken to the checkout cart. You can pay either using your credit card or paypal.
  • The price is in US dollars and if you are not from the United States your bank will convert the amount to your country's currency atomatically
  • Once you have made the purchase, you will be given a link to access La Creative Mama School. You will have access to the Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course for life and you can download the pdf resources to your computer, save them or print them out. You will also be able to access the platform anytime to watch the video tutorials.

Some more testimonials from our past students who have tried our natural dyeing resources...

"Thanks Victoria for this helpful tool...I now understand why my results using avocados have been so disappointing. I was not doing 2 of the steps and I was using the wrong mordant. Thanks for bringing light into my practice. I feel very inspired to keep dyeing with natural dyes", -Amanda

"This course is excellent and very comprehensive...

It covers different natural methods, some also to do with children. In addition, at the end of the document, there are printable sheets helping to document and organize your projects." -Margaret

This is what our past students had to say about the first couple of videos inside The Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course👇

So, let's Recap!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you become a student inside The Natural Dyeing ULTIMATE Course

  • 20 plus step-by-step video lessons with method and processes - $350 value
  • Process Charts - $50 Value
  • Natural dyeing Formula Calculator - $47 Value
  • Multicolor dyeing on fabric and yarn - $47 value
  • BONUS #1: Dyeing with food dyes - $47 Value
  • BONUS #2: Solar dyeing Guide - $ 27 Value
  • BONUS #3: Create your own Dye Garden and store your own dyes - $37 Value

Total Value: $605

Today's price: $147

And a few more testimonials from our past students who have tried our natural dyeing resources...👇

"I have found the Natural Dyeing course an excellent resource to have because it is crafted in a way to help a beginner like me get started in the natural dying process. 

The steps are easy to follow and all of Victoria's years of research and experience has really made the learning experience easy and fun.  I would have never jumped into this without such a simple yet rich guide to get me started."

— Dana Thorup from it's decision time!

Are you in?