Discover which are the best 40 natural dyes to use to dye fabric and yarn.


  • Identify the best natural dyes to use for bright and lasting color
  • Avoid frustration by using dyes that don't yield good results
  • Achieve bright and long lasting natural colors

Look at what’s possible with natural dyes

Create colors from your own backyard and kitchen without spending any money at all.

Use leaves, flowers and insects to create natural long lasting colors

Upcycle fabric and yarn by changing their color

Color your own embroidery threads, sewing material and yarn for crochet and knitting projects

I am Victoria Martinez Azaro AKA, La Creative Mama, natural dyer, natural printer, crafter and fashion sustainability educator🙂

I have been dyeing fabrics and yarns for years using natural dyes and I now want to share with you the joy of creating natural colors in a simple way. I have helped over 7000 mamas just like you get started with natural dyes.

Discover which natural dyes to use to create bright colors from nature that will last forever

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