Create amazing BOTANICAL PRINTS that will last forever🌻🌻

Attention all makers, fashion students, teachers, designers, artists and sustainability conscious crafters...

Get creative with Botanical Prints!

  • Do you get confused understanding how the Eco Printing process really works?
  • Are you curious how to create positive/negative color prints using iron and color blankets?
  • Do you know what fabrics work best when printing with flowers and leaves?
  • Do you know that you can enhance your prints by using iron and color dips?

The ECO PRINTING on fabric VIDEO COURSE is here to help you get defined and bright botanical prints on fabric (even if you have never done it before)

"Before I took this eco printing course I just kind of fumbled around taking from a lot of different people and what they were doing and trying to get results.

Victoria’s instructions are very concise and yet simple enough for even someone like me to understand!

I found that I was getting clearer prints in taking the course than I did before and I would highly recommend this course to anyone getting started an eco printing! 

 I also love the fact that Victoria is very personable and is available to answer questions that you might have. She did for me several times"

Sassy P.

"Working with Victoria has been great...I have learnt so much about different fabrics, eco printing and natural dyeing techniques which has created a vehicle to express myself", -ANA

🌻My journey with eco printing hasn’t been a straight forward one.

Seven years ago, when I started researching eco printing techniques, I became very concerned with the use of toxic chemicals and some of the eco printing practices put me off completely.

I didn’t want to use chemicals such as :

  • Tin
  • Copper

Fast forward a few years and through natural dyeing I met some amazing eco dyers who shared my sustainability views.

We started experimenting together using the same materials that we were using for our natural dyeing practice.

Since then, I have developed a quick and easy way to eco print leaves and flowers on natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen and wool🌻

This is why I created The Creative Eco Printing on Fabric Course .

It contains all of the steps that I personally use in my botanical printing to obtain amazing results🌻🌻🌻

If you are keen on eco printing leaves and flowers on fabric, this video course will SAVE you lots of poor quality results and frustration.

You will also learn:

  • How to print using BLANKETS!!!!
  • How to avoid long unnecessary steps and processes
  • How to achieve great results time and time again
  • The 5 secrets you need to know when Eco Printing

What more Creative Mamas are saying about this Eco Printing Course!

Victoria’s instructions in both the Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing courses are very well explained and set out.

The video format lets you see exactly what’s going on and the handy tips like wear gloves and blot leaves when using an iron dip are invaluable. And it can be paused and replayed as many times as you need, until you understand it!

I found the information on mordanting for different types of fabric (protein or cellulose) really helpful.

But even more so than the instructions and videos, Victoria’s willingness to respond to questions has been a huge encouragement to me on my eco printing journey.

Alison B.


The CREATIVE Eco Printing on Fabric Course will teach you how to ...

  • Prepare the fabric before the printing process
  • Create prints using straightforward techniques
  • Combine natural dyeing techniques with eco printing. This is when you can get super creative and start mapping out your unique style of printing
  • Keep a record of your experimentation through the use of DATA SHEETS
  • Use eco printing as a doorway for creative expression and as a potential business opportunity.

Print your own fabric and make: scarves, pillows, tote bags, t-shirts...

More testimonials...

"After being in lockdown in NZ for more than 12 weeks thought that I would investigate some type of craft project. The eco printing course from La Creative Mama was great, it had easy to follow videos and of course nature friendly. I had previously done the natural dyeing course so thought this would be a natural extension of that. Really happy with the results."

- Liz B.

"I took this eco printing course with victoria and could not believe the beautiful colors you get using this technique. Steps are super easy to follow, you only need materials that you probably already have in your house. It's a great process seeing the natural dyes printing your fabric"

- Vanessa S.




Will I learn how to print different types of fabrics?

Yes! The video course will teach you how to eco print on all natural fibers. However, the video demos were created using silk and cotton. These are protein fibers and cellulose fibers.

Will I get any future updates to this course? 

Absolutely! If there are any updates you will receive an email letting you know of the new updates.

Can I print the PDFs in my home printer?

Absolutely! You can either use your home printer or take them to the print shop and have them printed in color.

How long do I have access to this course?

Lifetime access :)

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to eco print on fabric. It’s a beginners course so it will teach you the foundation knowledge but will also teach you more advanced techniques such as the use of blankets and mixed media using natural dyes as well.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the nature of the product (digital download) and in order to keep prices super low, all pdf sales are final and there are no refunds.


I am Victoria Martinez Azaro AKA, La Creative Mama, natural dyer, crafter, fashion sustainability educator, writer, illustrator and creative all around 🙂

I have been dyeing and printing fabrics and yarns for years using natural dyes and I now want to share with you the joy of creating natural colors in a simple way.

I have helped over 7000 mamas just like you get started with natural dyes.




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